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Stop Stephen Harper playing with scissors

Report card

On early learning and child care

Name: Stephen Harper
Year: February 6, 2006 - February 6, 2007


Universal child care

Comments - Stephen has some trouble understanding basic concepts. His major term project, the Universal Child Care Plan, is not child care. It’s also not universal and not a plan.

Parent choice

Comments - Stephen sent the cheques as promised but ignored parents who told him they need quality child care. He needs to improve his “active listening” skills.

Balancing work and family

Comments - If Stephen did his homework, he would know research shows parents need quality child care to balance work and family. Stephen needs to complete his assigned readings.


Comments - Stephen uses scissors and words carelessly. He cut funds to child care and hasn’t delivered promised new spaces. Centres are closing, parent fees are up, and there’s no expansion. His “spaces initiative” won’t fix that. He needs to understand that actions and words have consequences.

Honouring agreements

Comments - Stephen doesn’t play well with others. He said he would honour agreements then went back on his word. He needs a time out to learn about fair play.

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Note to Parents

A year ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper scrapped the new national early learning and child care program, replacing it with taxable, monthly $100 cheques to parents. He also said he would provide capital funding to create new spaces.

His words

"The [Universal Child Care Plan] will help parents to choose the decision that best suits their families - whether it means formal child care, informal care through neighbours or relatives, or a parent staying at home."

"[We will] put in place a substantial and fl exible incentive to create spaces that meet the real needs and complex realities of Canadian families. We will] create 125,000 new child care spaces over five years."

"This initiative aims to ... help parents balance their work and family responsibilities."

"We said all along any signed agreements, contractual obligations with the government of Canada, will be honoured." (April 30, 2005)

The reality

Overall Assessment

Stephen's work on child care has been Unsatisfactory. He has failed Canada's children and their parents. home page

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